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Retirees Turning Age 65:
Understanding Your Choices

Congratulations on turning 65!!

Retired Employees Health Program (REHP) retirees who turn 65 are eligible for Medicare and must enroll in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and choose an REHP Medicare Advantage Plan (PPO or HMO) available in their county of residence. Medicare-eligible members also will be enrolled in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.

120 days prior to the month you turn 65: You will receive a packet of information from the PEBTF via certified mail.

  • You must enroll in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B to continue medical and prescription drug coverage under the Retired Employees Health Program (REHP). Contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 three months before your birthday if you are not yet getting Social Security retirement benefits.
    • If you already get retirement or disability income benefits from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board, your Medicare card will be mailed to you about three months prior to your 65th birthday.
    • Enrollment in Medicare Part B is automatic when you enroll in Medicare Part A. Do not decline Medicare Part B coverage at any time or you will lose REHP medical and prescription drug coverage. You must pay the monthly Part B premium, which is typically deducted from your Social Security check.

Medicare PPO and Medicare HMO information: You will receive a packet of information from the Medicare Advantage PPO and HMO (available in your Pennsylvania county of residence). Out-of-state residents will receive an Aetna MedicareSM Plan (PPO) packet. Aetna MedicareSM Plan (HMO) also is offered in select areas nationally.

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan: You will receive a packet of information from SilverScript prescription drug plan.

Courtesy call from the PEBTF: You will receive a call from a PEBTF representative about 100 days before you turn 65. The representative will review the materials you received and answer any questions.


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